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It’s More Than Selling Your Dental Practice

We understand that building a successful dental practice didn’t happen overnight. It took years of hard work to establish your reputation, dedicated patient base, and loyal staff. When it comes to selling your dental practice, it should go to a party that has values that closely align with yours. That way the standard of care you established with your patients’ lives on.

As an experienced dental brokerage firm, we understand the importance of this scenario. There is no guesswork when you work with us. We walk you through everything from beginning to succession. We help you find your ideal replacement.

Reasons For Selling Your Dental Practice

Here are the most common reasons practitioners sell their practice.


Mature Couple Playing golf

Retirement is a common reason that many practitioners elect to sell their dental practice. A smooth transition, for both patients and employees, comes down to finding the right fit.

Share the Responsibilities

Doctors Looking at X-Rays

If you thrive in a private practice setting but are getting overwhelmed with all the parts that make it run, it might be time to enlist a little help. A merger with a partner that shares your same values will help alleviate some of the burdens and can offer a way to share resources.


Scenic oceanside with mountains

Moving closer to family, seeking better opportunities and finding a picture-perfect location is a reason some practitioners decide to sell their existing location. Finding the perfect buyer and assisting with the new practice purchase will make this transition as stress-free as possible.

Emergency Sale

Dental chair and tools

Sometimes life’s events rear their head and it’s never with great timing. Entrusting a smooth sale of a practice is priceless in the event where your practice needs to be sold for reasons beyond your control.

Why Choose A Dental Broker?

We work behind the scenes while you are seeing patients.

  • Marketing your practice
  • Showing your practice efficiently
  • Vetting and prequalifying candidates
  • Securing financing for the buyer
  • Acting as a liaison between attorneys and accountants and lender
  • Ensuring your ultimate goal of closing and leaving your practice in a position to thrive!

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The Practice Management Associates Process


Contact us for an initial, no-obligation consultation to discuss your ideal transition. We are focused on results and want to be sure we are the right fit for you.

Request Consultation


Next, we complete a valuation by collecting all the necessary documents.

After you review and approve our valuation of your dental practice, we will use critical channels to reach qualified buyers in your market. We do not share information until the buyer is appropriately vetted and pre-qualified with a confidentiality agreement on file.

Value My Practice

Vetting & Presentation

Upon completion of due diligence, we will identify qualified buyers of your dental practice who wish to submit a letter of intent and review the strengths of each with you. Next, meetings will be arranged with the buyers of your choice.

Once you have selected your top choice and are ready to execute the letter of intent, we move into action to plan each step of the transaction. As a service to you, we equip the buyer of your dental practice with the necessary tools they will need to efficiently close on time.


We act as a liaison between the buyer/seller attorney, accountant, and lender involved in the transaction. This interaction ensures that copies of the purchase documents are received by the lender for an on-time closing, eliminating the cost of escrow services.

Why Choose Practice Management Associates
To Sell Your Dental Practice?

Practice Management Associates is a full-service dental practice brokerage firm. Since 1998, we have worked with general and specialty dentists guiding them through seamless transitions. Value-driven and results-oriented, we serve our dentists clients at a level that far exceeds other brokers in our industry. Our goal is to leave your practice in a position to thrive. We do this with a proprietary system that vets buyers to ensure you are presented with offers from the most qualified candidates. Whether, you are planning for retirement, looking to minimize management or bring someone on with whom to partner – we can help you make the transition.

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