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Dental Talk with Lynne Nelson and Donna Lowell

At PMA, we enjoy building relationships through our sponsored seminars. We found our courses to be a great starting point for dental professionals to learn firsthand who we are and how we serve our clients. We offered an educational format of “best practices” in dental transition. We gave a map of what to expect, what works, and what was problematic. Once we could no longer provide this in-person seminar, due to social distancing, Dental Talk was born. Our Dental Talk Podcasts are designed to help give insight into the transition process while you get to know us from the comfort of your car or office.

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At PMA, we recognize that dentists are looking to equip themselves with the knowledge they need to transition their practice independently. In contrast, others prefer to garner a like-minded partner in the process or have someone take that burden from them completely. Listen in while Donna and Lynne unravel case studies of real-time transitions while maintaining confidentiality. Learn from their expertise and the actual transitions of dental professionals. Visit "Dental Talk" YouTube channel or enjoy some of our most recent segments.

Listen to the Dental Brief Podcast featuring: Lynne Nelson

Featured on The Dental Brief podcast!

The Dental Brief podcast shares creative solutions to common dental practice problems in a bite-sized episode. Lynne talks about her background in the banking industry as well as working as a dental broker on the journey with Co-founder Donna to effectively transition dental practices.

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Meet the Team - Together we bring over 85 years of combined experience serving the complex needs of dentists and physicians.

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Lynne Nelson

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Donna Carlson Lowell

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Denise Jones

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