4.0 Practice Transitions

We create transparent arms length transactions.  We provide the expertise to facilitate transitions while protecting the goodwill between sellers and buyers.  Through our "hands-on" approach we maintain a high caliber experience for our clients.



Buyer Representation

We offer a comprehensive program working with doctors to evaluate practices from a cash flow perspective and equipping them with effective due diligence methods, assessing their options of financing, and mapping out a plan to transition the practice successfully.



Succession Planning

We work to formulate a plan for future retirement by developing a strategy to position your practice for optimal eventual sale, with a focus on protecting your assets.  As a service to our clients, we provide an annual update to ensure the practice is always in a "sale ready" position in the event of an unplanned emergency.



4.0 Leadership Program

Efficacious leadership is the cornerstone of a successful practice.  Let us help you develop and evolve into a proficient leader.



4.0 Communication


Healthy communication in the work environment promotes inner-office accountability and efficiency while maintaining stability and harmony.  Once in place, doctor and staff become a unified team.  Offering a vehicle to communicate effectively is an essential step in empowering your staff to be the best they can be while freeing you from the activities involved in managing interpersonal relationships.

Learning to communicate as a staff and work together toward a common purpose has made a tremendous difference in how I approach dentistry
— Ron Wright, DDS


Maintenance Coaching


For our clients who have completed our leadership or communication curriculum, this quarterly coaching will support you in continuing your progress and building your momentum.

The workshop on hiring and training is the most valuable course I have taken.
— K. Ahlster, Practice Manager