Satisfaction Vs Loyalty

As a practice management consultant, I am extremely sensitive to customer service.  Consumers in our society expect to be satisfied.  Dentistry is not an exception.  Patients expect to be satisfied.  They expect their billing to be handled properly, to be seen in a timely manner, to have a fairly painless experience and to receive quality clinical care.  If we, as dental care providers are able to meet these expectations of our patients most likely will stay in our practice.  

As a consumer, I ask myself what elements are present in the companies that have transformed me from a satisfied customer to a loyal customer.  The answer is easy.  The companies that I am loyal to all deliver consistently “beyond the extra mile” service.  They are a level above the crowd.  They do whatever it takes to serve me and not only meet my needs but exceed my expectations. 

Let me give you an example.  My work often takes me away from home and occasionally requires an overnight stay.  One of my clients has always arranged for my lodging in a wonderful Bed and Breakfast.  I’ve been a guest there many times and I’ve always been extremely satisfied and never consider staying anywhere else.  On my most recent visit to see this client a staff member told me about a very nice B&B that was owned by a massage therapist and they provide “in room” massage therapy.  I thought that sounded very appealing and mentioned that on my next visit I would like to try their establishment.  Now, remember I have never been in any way disappointed in my experience at the Davis Bay Bed and Breakfast.  The proprietors are extremely nice, the food is outstanding, and the room delightful as well as very clean and the views are exceptional!! I am a very satisfied customer but apparently not a very loyal customer. 

Let me go back just a bit to an event that took place in the morning prior to arriving at the client’s office.  When my breakfast was delivered to me I ask Heide, the proprietor, where she found the centerpiece displayed on the coffee table in my room.  She indicated that it was a gift but she was fairly certain I could find one locally and gave me the names of two stores she thought might carry the item.  I thanked her, enjoyed my breakfast and continued on with my day.  I returned late that evening to my cozy room and was working on my notes when the telephone rang.  It was Heide checking to see if I had any luck finding the centerpiece.  I explained that I didn’t get out of my clients office until quite late and everything was closed.  She then offered to shop for me the next morning since I would be in a meeting early and then dashing off to catch a ferry.  I was completely amazed.  I protested but she convinced me that she was happy to do it!  She even insisted on bringing it to me rather than have me stop by the B&B on my way out of town.   I was instantaneously converted from an extremely satisfied customer to a loyal customer.  I wouldn’t dream of staying anywhere else, back massage or not and I’ll tell you something else, I want everyone I know to stay at the Davis Bay Bed and Breakfast in Sechelt, BC.

Do you have staff members that go the extra mile?  If you do reward them and if you don’t start recruiting!

This article written by Donna  Carlson Co-founder of Practice Management Associates, LLC (206)920-6217.  For a menu of services or questions regarding presentations please call us! Copyright c 2018

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